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This is a cotton field from the Crop Weather Program for south Texas, serves cotton growers with decision support.Global economic pressures are changing the landscape of agriculture in the U. S. and signal the need for more informed decisions from crop managers. Cotton yields and fiber quality depend crucially on management decisions that consider the effects of the environment. Environmental conditions dictate what happens in the field and knowing how the environment is affecting crops offers-up an opportunity to make the best possible agricultural decisions. The Crop Weather Program (CWP) offers easy access to weather data, decision-making tools and calculators to aid crop managers in their production of cotton.

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This is a cotton field from the Crop Weather Program for south Texas, servers cotton growers with decision support.Utilizing an established network of weather stations along the Texas coastal plains, CWP has the data growers need to make better decisions about their cotton crops. The ability to store and compare calculated crop/field data provides users of this unique system with easy to use solutions to complex cropping problems.

CWP harnesses the power of the Internet as a workhorse, to help you with increasingly important cropping decisions you make each season. Keeping records of important data related to farming operations can become a burdensome task in today's demanding agricultural marketplace. It is important to have your records readily available at your fingertips.

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